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Dc Talk

The success of the group's demo tape eventually led to a recording contract with Forefront Records in January 1989.[2][5] Shortly after the signing of the recording contract the trio moved to Nashville, Tennessee,[5] and called themselves "DC Talk and the One Way Crew".[4] The name was later simplified to "DC Talk", which came to stand for "decent Christian talk", though originally "DC" was taken from Washington, D.C., where Toby McKeehan had formerly been rapping.[4]

dc talk

Yep, Dctalk, Jars of Clay, the Newsboys, PFR, The Kry, Audio Adrenaline and wonderful many more are absolutely essentials that shaped me as a young believer growing up. Still love them all greatly. Thanks for reading and commenting! I love connecting with people and taking them on joyrides down memory lane. Blessings!

He feels that Christians should be more open to talk about divorce and these problems. "When we keep things in the closet and we don't talk about them. We get in trouble. Specifically in the area of relationships and sexual type things."

"When things aren't spoken about, things are just thrown in the closet. The church doesn't want to talk about sex. I mean these things are going to keep coming and they are going to get more and more messy. People just need to be honest. I feel like that's what Christ spoke about with His disciples," he said on the podcast.

Gruppa, først kalt for DC Talk og senere stilisert med små bokstaver som dc talk, ble dannet på slutten av 1980-tallet i Lynchburg i Virginia av Toby McKeehan, Kevin Max Smith, og Michael Tait. De begynte som en hiphop-gruppe, men fra midten av 1990-tallet endret de sin musikalske stil til en mer tradisjonell pop-rock-stil. Endringen førte til at de fikk både kritisk og kommersiell suksess i både den kristne musikk-industrien foruten i det generelle markedet. 041b061a72


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