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Sherlock S01E00 Unaired Pilot 720p BRRipmkv

Sherlock S01E00 Unaired Pilot 720p BRRipmkv

Sherlock S01E00 Unaired Pilot 720p BRRipmkv is a hidden episode of Sherlock that most people have never seen. It is a different version of the first episode "A Study in Pink", with a shorter running time, a lower budget, and some changes in the plot and the characters. It was originally filmed in 2009 as a pilot for the BBC, but it was rejected and remade into the official first episode that aired in 2010. However, the unaired pilot was later released as a bonus feature on the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the first season.

Sherlock S01E00 Unaired Pilot 720p BRRipmkv


The unaired pilot follows the same basic premise as the official episode: Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) meet for the first time and investigate a series of mysterious suicides that are actually murders orchestrated by a serial killer who forces his victims to take a deadly pill. However, there are several differences between the two versions, such as:

  • The unaired pilot is only 60 minutes long, while the official episode is 90 minutes long.

  • The unaired pilot has a darker and grittier tone, while the official episode has more humor and visual effects.

  • The unaired pilot has less character development and backstory for Sherlock and John, while the official episode explores their personalities and motivations more deeply.

  • The unaired pilot has a different opening scene, where Sherlock is shown solving another case before meeting John, while the official episode starts with John's flashback to his military service in Afghanistan.

  • The unaired pilot has a different ending scene, where Sherlock and John are chased by the police after killing the serial killer, while the official episode ends with them being hailed as heroes by the press.

  • The unaired pilot has some different actors and characters, such as Mark Gatiss playing Mycroft Holmes instead of Andrew Scott playing Jim Moriarty, and Rupert Graves playing Inspector Lestrade instead of Vinette Robinson playing Sergeant Donovan.

Many fans of Sherlock have watched both versions of the first episode and have compared them online. Some prefer the unaired pilot for its darker atmosphere and simpler plot, while others prefer the official episode for its better production value and character development. Some also appreciate the unaired pilot as an interesting glimpse into the creative process of making a TV show.

If you are curious about Sherlock S01E00 Unaired Pilot 720p BRRipmkv, you can find it online on various websites or buy it on DVD or Blu-ray. However, be aware that it is not considered canon by the creators of Sherlock and it may contain spoilers for the rest of the series.


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