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Where To Buy Gold Coins In San Francisco

The San Francisco Mint also played a pivotal role in the greatest maritime disaster in American history. In 1857, more than two tons of gold dust, nuggets, coins and ingots from the California Gold Rush were loaded onto the S.S. Central America, which regularly transported gold from California to the east coast. After being caught in a hurricane off the coast of the Carolinas, the S.S. Central America sank and the human and financial loss was felt around the world.

where to buy gold coins in san francisco


San Francisco is the largest city in the Bay Area of California. In recent years, San Francisco has become a hub of the tech industry, and the economy of the city has exploded. Following the rich California tradition of buying gold, silver, and platinum, you can find many of the best California precious metals dealers in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Please note that purchasing bullion and coins in San Francisco is often subject to the 7.25% sales tax in the state.

San Francisco Gold Buyer is one of the largest and best gold dealers in San Francisco, with a large storefront offering a huge range of coin and precious metals products. Their coin selection contains many high-grade US coins, such as proof coins, mint sets, Morgan silver dollars, pre-1933 US gold coinage, tokens, exonumia, and rare foreign coins. Their bullion selection is vast, with a large number of silver bars in all sizes, gold bullion bars, silver rounds, junk and scrap silver, and gold and silver bullion coins, such as American Silver Eagles, Gold Buffalos, South African Gold Krugerrands, Chinese Gold and Silver Pandas, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, and much more. They actively buy gold, silver, and platinum bullion from the San Francisco public, so their selection is often changing.

Located right on Market Street, Witter Coins focuses on rare United States coins, along with select rare coins from around the world. Many graded and slabbed coins are available at Witter, including high-end Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, Gold Double Eagles, paper currency, colonial coins, tokens, and proof coins. Witter Coins also carries some gold and silver bullion coins. The staff at Witter Coins is known for their extremely helpful service and vast knowledge about the various coins and bullion they sell.

Pacific Precious Metals is located just north of San Francisco, in Sausalito, though they have an additional storefront in Cupertino, just west of San Jose. Pacific Precious Metals is a large, full-scale coin and bullion store, with a huge selection of rare US and world coins. They are also one of the best silver and gold dealers in the San Francisco area, with a large selection of platinum, gold, silver, and palladium bullion bars, coins, and rounds. They carry silver and gold bars in any number of sizes. Additionally, beginning investors looking to buy gold and silver bullion in San Francisco will be pleased by their array of smaller, inexpensive gold and silver products.

Recently, Robert Johnson Coins has expanded their selection of bullion products, and has since become one of the top gold and silver dealers in San Francisco, especially known for their low prices on silver bars and silver rounds. Additionally, they carry many common silver and gold bullion coins, like American Gold and Silver Eagles, Gold Maple Leafs, and Chinese Silver Pandas. Robert Johnson Coins has the reputation of having one of the most friendly and knowledgeable staffs in the San Francisco area, so be sure to visit their storefront in person.

The legislation was signed into law in June 2006, and the U.S. Mint quickly moved forward to begin production of 100,000 five dollar gold coins and up to 500,000 one dollar silver coins. The coins are now on sale through the end of the year.

As of Monday, October 23, the commemorative coin sales had raised $4.3 million dollars to help restore the Mint. Specifically, $2.39 million had been raised from pre-sales of the silver coin and $1.91 million had been raised from sales of the gold coin. This amounts to approximately half of the expected proceeds from sales of the coins.

Kagin said the previous largest gold coin find in the United States was found in Tennessee in 1985 with coins having a face value of $4,500, eventually selling for around $1 million. The face value of the Saddle Ridge treasure is over $28,000.

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Gold is and has always been valuable. Be it in coins, jewelry, or even in its raw form as scrap gold. This is why we ensure that all our gold lovers have something to choose from. We offer the best gold price in south San Francisco. So be it gold coins, or gold jewelry, gold bullions Gold American Eagles (Coins and Sets), Krugerrands, Maple Leafs, Panda Gold Coins, Gold Pieces in all denominations, Bullion Bars, Gold Proof Sets, and Kilo Bars or even scrap gold, we have a way to ensure you get good value for your articles.

A California couple who found a stash of buried gold coins valued at $10 million may not be so lucky after all. The coins may have been stolen from the U.S. Mint in 1900 and thus be the property of the government, according to a published report.

The coins are mostly uncirculated and in mint condition, and they add up in face value to $27,000. \"Those two facts are a match of the gold heist in 1900 from the San Francisco Mint,\" the newspaper reported.

A mint mark, put simply, is a small letter or insignia to indicate where a coin was made. In American numismatics, mint marks were not used until 1838 when the first branch mint facilities were opened. Before 1838 all U.S. coins were struck in Philadelphia; there was no need to differentiate between various facilities. This would change as America expanded and precious metals were discovered in faraway remote places.

In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, all United States coins were struck in Philadelphia and made from bullion deposited with the Mint. This bullion was sourced from banks and merchants in the form of foreign coins, ingots or even everyday objects like silverware. A depositor would submit raw metal to the Mint and, once it was assayed, receive gold or silver coins in exchange. This was the primary source of metal for many years, but eventually precious metals were being extracted from the earth in the south.

The 20th century featured the opening of the Denver and West Point Mints, both of which are still in operation today. They use the D and W mint marks respectively. The Denver location produces coins for circulation, whereas West Point primary strikes bullion coins. San Francisco is still in operation, but it is used mostly for proof and collector-edition pieces. The Philadelphia Mint remains the dominant mint; it produces the majority of coins for circulation and services the large eastern population base.

Kagin's specialists had the coins carefully cleaned and placed in acrylic cases for safe keeping Thursday February 20, 2014 in Tiburon, Calif. A fortune in 19th century gold coins found in the Gold Country of California will soon be for sale on Amazon and to serious collectors by the numismatics experts at Kagin's.

This image provided by the Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc., shows one of the six decaying metal canisters filled with 1800s-era U.S. gold coins unearthed in California by two people who want to remain anonymous. The value of the "Saddle Ridge Hoard" treasure trove is estimated at $10 million or more. (AP Photo/Saddle Ridge Hoard discoverers via Kagin's, Inc.)

Some dream of roaming the Earth to hunt buried treasure. One Sierra Nevada couple didn't have to go that far. They dug it up in their backyard - about $10 million worth, in 19th century U.S. gold coins stuffed into rusty cans.

A little brushing revealed nearly perfectly preserved $20 gold coins with liberty head designs on the front, dated from the 1890s. They ran back to the same spot, and when they were done digging, they'd found a total of eight cans containing 1,427 coins - with a face value of $27,980.

A total of 1,373 were $20 coins, 50 were $10 coins and four were $5 coins. They were dated from 1847 to 1894, and after sprucing up they shone like, well, gold - which fortunately never corrodes. About a third of the coins were in pristine condition, having never been circulated for spending. Most were minted in San Francisco.

It's dubbed the Saddle Ridge Hoard, after the spot on the couple's property where it was found. The collection is expected to sell for at least $10 million, either as a whole or in pieces, based on the evaluated condition of the coins.

According to "American Coin Treasures and Hoards," the bible of buried treasure finds, the biggest hoard of gold coins dug up before Saddle Ridge was a collection found by construction workers in Jackson, Tenn., in 1985. It had a face value of $4,500 and sold for $1 million. 041b061a72


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