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Legal Perspectives on Football BettingFootball betting is a widespread phenomenon, and it poses a significant social problem that warrants condemnation.The act of betting on football matches leads to severe consequences, affecting not only the participants but also their families, relatives, and society at large.But what exactly is and what are the different forms it takes? This article by football prediction win aims to clarify these issues.What is Football Betting?Firstly, betting refers to the act of wagering money or other valuable assets to predict the outcome of an upcoming or ongoing event that has not yet concluded.Specifically, football betting involves using money or valuable assets to wager on the outcome of a football match that is about to take place or is currently underway but has not yet finished or yielded a final result.

In football betting, a bookmaker and a bettor place wagers on the game's progress.The most common form of betting is predicting the match's score, but other forms include betting on the number of corner kicks, the number of yellow cards issued by the referee, and more. The bookmaker provides specific odds for a match.

However, this ratio can change depending on the match's real-time developments, as the bookmaker adjusts the odds minute by minute (e.g., betting 1 million VND on Manchester United might only yield 900,000 VND if Manchester City is perceived to be under pressure from Manchester United at that moment).Regarding the over/under ratio of 2 (with odds of 1/2), if the total score of the match after 90 minutes plus injury time exceeds 3 goals (e.g., 2:1, 3:1, etc.), those who bet on "over" win, whereas if the total score is under 2.5 goals, those who bet on "under" win. Other forms of betting include:"In-play" betting: Predicting whether a team will score in the last 15 minutes of the match.Corner kick betting: Predicting the total number of corner kicks in the match.Betting on which team will win a season, which team will be relegated, or which coach will be fired.

Legal Perspectives on Football Betting"In cases of gambling in the form of playing the lottery, football betting, horse racing betting, etc., one instance of playing the lottery, one instance of one instance of horse racing betting, etc.,

(considered as one instance of gambling) is understood as participating in a single lottery, betting on a single football match, or betting on a single horse race, etc., where the participant can play multiple times.

Criminal liability is determined based on vip betting tips telegram channel the total amount of money or value of assets used in these instances."Thus, football betting is considered a form of gambling and is therefore illegal.

However, if participants engage in football betting with small amounts of money purely to enhance the excitement of the match, without aiming for profit, they are not subject to administrative penalties.

Betting amounts of 1,000,000 VND or more, or amounts below 1,000,000 VND if the person has been previously fined for gambling, organizing gambling, or has not had their criminal record expunged for gambling offenses, will result in criminal liability for "gambling," punishable by non-custodial reform or imprisonment. If the betting amount is less than 1 million VND and does not fall under these conditions, it will result in administrative penalties for gambling.From another perspective, football betting can be seen as a civil contract transaction. However, since betting is illegal, the transaction between the parties is invalid under Article 117 of the Civil Code 2015.

Invalid civil transactions do not create, change, or terminate the rights and obligations between the parties.

How Football Betting Operates victory betting tips often takes place through online platforms and websites managed by professional gambling organizations, such as etc. These sites typically have servers located abroad to evade the cybersecurity efforts of Vietnamese authorities. They create numerous smaller football betting networks within Vietnam, promoting their services openly in Vietnamese.Individuals involved in online football betting often use sophisticated methods to evade detection by law enforcement, such as using foreign domain names, exploiting gaps in cyberspace management, using disposable SIM cards, and managing payments to conduct illegal activities. Bettors can easily participate using internet-connected devices by registering an account, transferring betting funds via banks, or using phone cards and payment intermediaries. Winnings are transferred directly or through bank transfers with coded messages to avoid detection.If bettors fail to pay their debts, they may face illegal coercion, property seizure, or even unlawful detention by criminal groups.Reporting Football BettingProfessional football tournaments occur annually, both domestically and internationally, creating ample opportunities for widespread betting activities. Numerous betting websites attract many participants, each registering multiple secure accounts, complicating law enforcement efforts.

Football betting crimes on social networks are becoming increasingly complex, especially before and during major events like the World Cup. Recently, the police have dismantled several gambling and football betting rings, involving substantial amounts of money, even up to tens of thousands of billions of VND.If individuals discover any suspected involvement in football betting or gambling, they should promptly report it to the nearest police station or the Crime Police Department's hotline (0692348569). This allows authorities to investigate, address illegal betting activities, and contribute to a healthier, safer society.


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