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Alexander Maximov
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Principles Of Electrical Engineering Et 115 Book Free Download --

Introduction to electrical and computer engineering. Orientation to electrical and computer engineering via hands-on exercises and projects; introduction to circuits, components, instrumentation, and electronic prototyping; computer productivity tools; hardware and software trouble shooting. (3 lab hours)

Principles Of Electrical Engineering Et 115 Book Free Download --


Prerequisites: MATH 77 or concurrently, PHYS 4B. Direct-current circuit analysis; circuit theorems; transient phenomena in RL and RC circuits, introduction to operational amplifiers, phasor concept; AC steady-state circuit analysis, sinusoidal steady-state response; power and RMS calculations in single-phase alternating-current circuits; principles of electrical instruments; computer solutions circuit simulation using Spice or other contemporary software tools.

Prerequisite: ECE 90 or concurrently, PHYS 4B. Experiments on direct transient, and single phase alternating current circuits. Use of basic electrical instruments, development of laboratory techniques, and verification of basic circuit laws and principles. (3 lab hours)

Contemporary issues in electrical and computer engineering; ethics in engineering; leadership and professional skills important for a successful career; problem formulation and solving; engineering and the society.

Prerequisites: ECE 124. Probability theory, single and multiple discrete and continuous random variables and their characterization, transformations of random variables, principles of random variables, principles of random sampling, estimation theory, engineering decision principles, data analysis, reliability theory, applications to quality control in manufacturing process systems.

Prerequisites: ECE 118, ECE 128. Emphasis on the design of a full custom VLSI systemusing contemporary CAD tools. Digital circuit design, CMOS circuit and layout principles, fabrication principles, physical and electrical design rules, control and data path design techniques, system timing, design verification, simulation and testing.


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