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Oxford Textbook Of Medicine 5th Edition (2010) ...

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine[1] is an international textbook of medicine. First published in 1983, it is now in its sixth edition.[2] It is primarily aimed at mature physicians looking for information outside their area of particular expertise, but widely used as a reference source by medical students and doctors in training, and by others seeking authoritative accounts of the science and clinical practice of medicine.

Oxford Textbook of Medicine 5th Edition (2010) ...

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Throughout the book, basic science and clinical practice are integrated, and the implications of research for medical practice are explained. Traditional specialty areas in clinical medicine are covered, and there are sections on the following; bioterrorism and forensic medicine; medical disorders in pregnancy; travel and expedition medicine; nutrition; the use of stem cells; regenerative medicine; and psychiatry and drug related problems in general medical practice.[4]

"This is the ultimate go-to book for nurses caring for patients at end of life and a must for all libraries. The textbook is fresh, current, and clinician friendly. For nurses caring for children and their families, three new chapters in this edition offer critical new information on caring for adolescents, using social media to communicate, and accessing pediatric care. Congratulations to the editors for producing such a comprehensive resource for all nurses, including pediatric nurses." - Lisa C. Lindley, PhD, RN, FPCN, Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

"Since its inception, the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing has been the go to resource for nurses and nurse practitioners caring for seriously ill patients and their families. The new Fifth Edition continues in that venerable tradition as an excellent resource for nurses at the bedside, in the classroom, and conducting research in the field of palliative care. This edition reflects the growth of the field of palliative care nursing, both in breadth as palliative care expands to new settings and populations as well as depth as the evidence base for palliative care continues to mature. Congratulations to the editors and authors for producing such an outstanding textbook." - Sally Norton, PhD, RN, FNAP, FPCN, FAAN, Associate Professor and Independence Foundation Chair in Nursing and Palliative Care, University of Rochester School of Nursing, Rochester, NY

This textbook is an absolute reference (one could probably say the reference without fear of sounding disrespectful to other authors) in the field, covering the whole spectrum of free radical (and beyond, dealing with reactive species in general) biology and its physiological and pathological implications. The back cover states that two new chapters have been added, discussing in vivo and dietary antioxidants; however, the fifth edition contains one chapter more (11) than the fourth edition. The additions and updates, which are extensive (about 250 pages), are widespread through several chapters, making this new edition a significant revision with respect to the previous one. The authors have made an impressive effort to be clear and understandable to every reader who has a basic knowledge of chemistry and biology. An appendix Some basic chemistry (also present in the previous edition) helps those who may need to be refreshed, and makes sure that nobody is left by the wayside. 041b061a72


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