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Quiplash 2 InterLASHional Free Download


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The NetShow was originally free to play on the gaming portal website "". Once the game installer was downloaded and executed on your computer, you could play solo or with up to two others on the same keyboard. The game was sponsored by short television-like full-screen commercials in between rounds, as a means to obtain revenue. New episodes were created weekly and released every Monday, and questions loaded in the background while you were playing. Past episodes could also be played again.

Just like any other game show worth, You Don't Know Jack: The NetShow earned its money through advertisers. These advertisements were downloaded before play during the intro. Once downloaded, each commercial would played during "breaks" between rounds. They were short, fairly unobtrusive and were the price of playing a "free" game.

The NetShow required an Internet connection to play, as questions (and commercials) were downloaded from - the game's site/distributor. Game mechanics were handled by downloadable free software that you must preinstall on your hard drive. This made for swift game play not hampered by slow Internet connections. 041b061a72


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