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Alexander Maximov
Alexander Maximov

Places That Buy Ipods Near Me

Even though online thrift stores are gaining popularity, many of us have likely shopped at Goodwill before. Did you know that the Goodwill Donation Center accepts electronics such as cell phones, laptops, and PCs? Use its website locator to find the nearest Goodwill drop-off location in your area and just walk in.

places that buy ipods near me

[00:17:16] SJ: Well, again, if people are getting, you know, the vast majority of music for their iPods from places other than the iTunes Store, I think the iPod's winning cause it's the best music player. It's the preferred music player. And our philosophy is, we better make the best music players if we want to keep winning. So we work real hard at it and hopefully we will continue to do that. 041b061a72


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