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Jackson Cook
Jackson Cook

Kuroko No Basuke 2 Episode 4

Solid episode. Not the best, of course, but we are working towards the Winter Cup. The build up is tense, and I find myself NEEDING to watch the next episode. function get_style2786 () return "none"; function end2786_ () document.getElementById('nue2786').style.display = get_style2786();

Kuroko no Basuke 2 Episode 4

Sporting some stylish neon visuals and a fun, if not terribly original, scenario, Blood Lad hits the ground running with a quirky, spazzy protagonist and pop-culture-driven humor. The opening sequence promises a large cast of characters to add to the undead shenanigans, but with a rumored run of only ten episodes, it remains to be seen if this adaptation can successfully pull a satisfying supernatural comedy out of the manga source material. 041b061a72


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