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Parazitii Slalom Printre Album Download Zippy

Parazitii Slalom Printre Album Download Zippy

Parazitii is a Romanian hip hop group that was formed in 1994 by Cheloo, Ombladon and DJ Ies. The group is known for their controversial lyrics, social criticism and political satire. Parazitii has released 15 studio albums, one compilation album, one EP and one live album so far.

One of their most popular albums is Slalom Printre Cretini (Slalom Among Morons), which was released in 2007. The album features 19 tracks that cover topics such as corruption, censorship, racism, religion, media manipulation and personal issues. The album also includes collaborations with other Romanian artists such as Guess Who, Bitza, Spike and Raku.


Slalom Printre Cretini was well received by fans and critics alike, and it sold over 40,000 copies in Romania. The album also won several awards, such as the Best Hip Hop Album at the Romanian Music Awards in 2008 and the Best Album at the Hip Hop Gala in 2009.

If you are interested in listening to Slalom Printre Cretini, you can download it for free from various websites on the internet. One of them is SoundCloud, where you can stream or download the entire album or individual tracks. You can access the SoundCloud link for Slalom Printre Cretini [here].

Another option is to download the album from, where you can find a collection of 14 albums by Parazitii, including Slalom Printre Cretini. You can download the whole collection or select the albums you want. You can access the link for Parazitii's collection [here].

A third option is to download the album from a user-generated SoundCloud link that claims to offer high-quality downloads of Slalom Printre Cretini. However, this link may not be reliable or safe, and it may contain viruses or malware. You can access this SoundCloud link at your own risk [here].

Whichever option you choose, make sure you enjoy the music of Parazitii and appreciate their artistic expression. Parazitii is one of the most influential and successful hip hop groups in Romania, and their albums are worth listening to.


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